The Traslación is not a mall show

Ina in a Concert

Every second Friday of September, Nagueños prepare for their most awaited celebration—the event they call Fiesta. Fiesta is a Spanish word that means festival and in Naga City, this “word” is considered as the most important thing in their lives. This event follows a series of mini occasions starting from the Traslación. Traslación is a procession dedicated to the Virgin Mary wherein devotees walk through certain routes along with the icon of Jesus’ Mother. This year, the Traslación was fairly unremembered because of another event that was held days after it was underwent. This event is a mall show titled “Kapamilya Caravan”. These two events happened in the same year, same week and same era. If one will observe, the Traslación and a mall show are quite comparable to each other. Their similarity of course are distant but related. First similarity is that they are both pleasurable. They are both amusing but the dissimilarity is that Traslación is more of a religious and festive event while a mall show is more of an entertainment leisure. Second is their effect on the audience. Though they are both alluring, their appeal is different from each other; a mall show only appeals to the senses while the Traslación appeals to the history and to the being of the viewer. Lastly, the importance to the individual, community and society. The Traslación is as huge occurrence to Filipinos because without this, everything will be questioned and the relationship a person to his or her beliefs will disappear. A mall show on the other hand is important only to those who enjoy concerts and parties. Consequently, the Traslación is indeed not a mall show.


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