That is just me.

After five months of training and applying of knowledge, I finally made it to the end of the semester. All the handouts, drafts, revisions and noted down lectures finally paid off. And I can see that somehow, I improved the way I write, the methods I prefer, the vocabulary I use and the topics I choose. I noticed that I would rather write long and descriptive phrases than precise and vocabulary-wise sentences. In addition, I learned to use transitional devices and its appropriate usage. I also warn myself to avoid fragments and contractions if one should write a formal essay. Now, I know what my strengths are. I am good at satires and descriptive paragraphs. I always put something juicy and gooey in all my works. Nonetheless, I also have my weaknesses. I am vividly bad at persuasive essays, especially when it comes to topics relating to religion and sex. It appears that whenever I persuade, I somehow become objective leading to the doom of my argument. In conclusion, I am now able to rely on myself and have confidence in writing because I know what I am when I am creative.


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