Cigarette equals death


Adolescents nowadays experience different changes in their mind, body and environment. They tend to experiment so often that the possibility of them going over the boundaries of righteousness increases, resulting to their discovery of the dark side. The dark side, of course, fires up and gives birth to vices such as excessive sexual practices, addictive alcohol drinking and worst, smoking. According to surveys, the ascension of cigarette usage is chiefly caused by the bandwagon effect and for some, lust for exploration. The worst is, because most teenagers think that they are old enough to do anything, a large percentage of them begin to smoke at an early age. In addition, these users do not experience alter effects until they reach the age of twenty-five or so. These alter effects may be cancer, heart diseases or shortening of lifespan. Cancer is the most common disease associated with smoking. In fact, a large part of its population is related to the respiratory system. Heart diseases on the other hand are caused by so little amount of clean oxygen flowing through the circulatory system, expanding the risk for coronary diseases. And when all these are acquired, the user might shorten his or her lifespan. Therefore, smoking is a dangerous habit that should be taken seriously and done moderately.

To know more about smoking and its effects, watch this video.


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